It's all about you.

The primary focus of our team is to deliver value to our customers as quickly as possible. We believe that if all you get after a project is a nice thick document that no one will read, it’s like throwing your money away. We collaborate with our clients to better understand their needs and we find the best solutions together.

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We’re a team of agile professionals, at your service. First we listen, then we collaborate with you to find the best solutions to your (business) problems.

Our Vision

Contribute to the rise of an ecosystem of organizations built by people (not just employees) who are happy to collaborate and create high value products for happy customers all over the world.

Our Mission

Guide your leaders and teams on the path to agility.

The Agile universe can be complex. Our team of seasoned professionals have succeeded (and failed) in many transformation initiatives. We want to put our experience at your service. Concrete and measurable results, that's our target while we work with your organization.

Over time, we have developed a structured approach to identify the best path towards agility for your business.

  • We start by ...

    Assessing your situation and understanding your context. What is currently working for you? What are you trying to improve? Are your people overwhelmed with all the change you are trying to put in place. Let's discuss first ...

  • Clear Objectives

    How will we know that you reached your goals? We will work with you to identify clear, verifiable and measurable metrics, OKRs and KPIs.

  • Understanding your Culture

    We also talk to the people affected by the project to understand your corporate culture better. This will allow us to identify early on which essential elements to address first (internal dynamics, management perception, confidence in management, etc.).

  • Planning the Change

    Together we build an action plan with a timeline to achieve agile objectives. We discuss the strategic aspects of this plan with your management team. We evaluate and mitigate the risks (people, finance. etc.) linked to this transformation. Regular reviews of the schedule will determine whether to continue on the same path or whether it is necessary to change course.