Let's do things differently.

We are a team of certified consultants dedicated to democratizing agility throughout the French-speaking world and to equipping the leaders of today and tomorrow to accomplish the digital transformation of their organization. Focused on people, our team relies on trust, transparency and respect to accompany you on the path that suits you.

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From Montreal to Dakar, our team guides you.

Our Vision

A strong Francophonie of companies that are changing the world through a collaborative and inclusive approach to work. Companies that seek to continually deliver value.

Our Mission

To offer training and strategic coaching throughout the French-speaking world in order to democratize access to agility and digital transformation and to equip innovative companies to create value while putting people at the center.

Our empirical approach

  • Observation, listening, understanding, evaluation

    We use active listening, our objective at this stage is to understand you: your context, your evolution, your team, your objectives and your motivations

  • Definition of objectives

    To know if we have achieved success, we must first identify what it means to us. How will we know when we have achieved our goals? We will co-develop clear, mutually understood, measurable and time-bound performance indicators..

  • Organizational Culture Assessment

    The success of the evolution will greatly depend on the people who are affected by it. From the beginning of the mandate, we plan in-depth interviews to understand the essential elements of your culture that need to be preserved, reinforced, addressed or adjusted.

  • Definition of an action plan

    In a desire for concreteness and action, we will propose a game plan to address the strategic priorities. The management team will have to be fully invested for the success of the evolution